Drug & Alcohol testing

Here at One Force Solutions we take WH&S seriously- We have a zero tolerance for Drugs & Alcohol

Here at One Force Solutions we take WH&S seriously- We have a zero tolerance for Drugs & Alcohol

Truck drivers have challenging jobs and too often they put their own health and safety, as well as others in danger by taking stimulants and other drugs to get through a shift. We acknowledge the pressure and daily demands on drivers, and believe the vast majority of truck drivers are dedicated professionals who would never jeopardise their career, their safety and the safety of others.

Research proves that alcohol and driving dont mix, as is the case with marijuana which both cause sleepiness, decreased concentration which could lead to accidents. Amphetamines and cocaine may help drivers stay awake but have been found to cause vertigo, agitation, hallucinations and known to change perceptions and reaction time. Here at One Force we take no chances and will tolerate the use of any drug or alcohol.

Prior to any one of our drivers being placed at work site, we ensure that they have been drug & alcohol tested by our one of our accredited testers or registered nurse. throughout their employment we will conduct random drug & alcohol testing onsite, and ensure full disclosure to our clients should a non negative result be found. Should a non negative result be found the driver will be immediately stood down and a replace driver will be provide at the clients request and approval.

Should there be an incident onsite or where an accident has been reported, one of our accredited staff will immediately go onsite and conduct drug & alcohol testing and the results will be provided back to the client.

We offer our clients the capability for drug & alcohol of their entire staff should they wish to engage us for this service. We have trained professionals including a registered nurse who will be undertaking the testing. All of our testing is in compliance with Australian Standards.  Please note that this service is available to all industries.

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