Specialist Driver Training

Sick and tired of paying from agency drivers who cant do the job ? Are you over paying for insurance claims for drivers who are reckless or just dont have enough experience? Are you frustrated with cowboy drivers who think they know it all ? We have the solution for you – The One Force Solution!

Unlike any other Labour Hire / Recruitment company in Australia, One Force Solutions has partnered with Hannah’s Haulage to bring a unique difference to the industry, by being able to guarantee that drivers are adequately trained and are competent in all the fundamental areas of driving. Gone are the day of recruiters promising they have great staff, here at One Force we’ve put skin into the game- WE GUARANTEE OUR DRIVERS ARE TRAINED AND COMPETENT!

Assessed and trained at our shared yard with Hannah’s Haulage in Riverstone, drivers are trained in coupling & uncoupling trailers, reversing, load restraint, dock work, pre-start checks, compliance as well as basic mechanical skills to be able to conduct minor repairs and will be shown how to properly drive a truck to improve driving time and fuel efficiency saving your business money.

Our driver trainers are amongst the industry’s best, and use our fleet and equipment for training. Upon being assessed and trained, clients will be provided with a report  detailing the training undertaken along with the drivers photo to verify that the driver that we are sending you is infact who they say they are and have been signed off by a qualified trainer.

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